Saturday, November 5, 2011

French Canadian Film Reviews: Goodfellas

by Guy-Marie Tremblay, special correspondent to Wrenchlock Lounge

Dis guy, he is making a big revenue on gangster even when he is kid! Dese oder guy around him are adult guy, but he is putting a gasoline on car and selling cigarette illegal. Tabarnak! When he got arress, all dose guy are doing a big party and giving dat guy money. Dey are celebrate because dis guy have not said nodding on dose guy. Weyon don!

Den dat guy got grow up. He is having date wid dat girl, dese are funny one because she is from a part of New Yorks that got a lot of Jewish, dese Jewish are bust his balls because he is not a Jewish one. Hostie, he is even having two wedding, one on the Jewish where dey smash glass and dis oder one wid all those gangster who put a big revenue in dat bag. Dese are not godfader ganster wid a big expensive jacket, dese are guy like you are seeing all over the place.

Dey are hanging up with dis guy who is making a revenue selling wig to oder guy but want to do a big criminal at dis airport. Dis guy try to touch this Jewish on her body, but dis guy is hitting him many times on face with gun. 

Dis other guy, he is doing story about dese t'ing dat have happen on the life that he got. Dese police have ask him dose question and he tell deem that dey are have to fuck dere moder, weyon! Dese guy who listen to dat story are telling him dat he is a funny one, he is funny to the point were he could be doing a revenue on a big show like Celine at Cesar Palaces. Den this guy ask why he is a funny one, he ask dem if dey are t'inking he is clown, why they laugh like dat? Why dey do dat? He is just busting dere ball, dere is a big tension because he is having a joke wid dose guy. Everybody get happy and keep taking a beer togeder and eat a big poutine.

Then dis girl, she is a Jewish and want to do shopping, but dese guy are gangster, dey don't got a Visa. This Jewish is doing a blowjob on dat guy to get a revenue, chalis de tabarnak!

Dis guy who got dose wig, he give dese guy a way to do stealing, but dey are not giving him dat revenue, dey put a knife on dis guy, neck, den dey are having fight about if dat engine is a cold one. Tabarnak, dis guy got dead one dey are talking about if dat car has problem mechanical. Chalis de tabarnak!

All dese guy are sitting on cards playing pokers with a big revenue. Dat guy begin to bust the ball on dat guy, he is kid who is bringing drinks and sandwich. Dis guy is not an expert on listening, so dat guy bus dose ball all the time. Den dis kid says dat dat guy should make fuck. Holy tabarnak, dis guy get super mad and use gun to make shooting all over dat kid! Dis guy is going down because he got dead, fuck.

Den dis guy begin doing a revenue by selling a cocaines in that jail. The wife Jewish got piss because dis other woman got dere to dat jail and have probably give him blowjob at dat place. She is helping to make a revenue with dose drogues. Den he got dat big day, dese helicopsters are flying all over the place, he his making a big lunch and driving gun to dese different place but dere are helicopsters at every place dat he go to fuck. Dese are police 'oo finally go down and arress all dose people dat are aroun dese cocaines.

Dis guy got very afraid dat he is not having any more revenue and dat dese other guy will make kill on him. So he is telling police dese t'ing, dese other guy got so mad calice de tabarnak. Dese police are putting him away from oder gangster but he is living on a bungalow in dose suburbs and not doing crimes or taking drug, he want dat on life because it got excite. Mange donc un char de marde.

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