Sunday, February 27, 2011

French Canadian Film Reviews: "The Kids are All Right" (released in French Canada as "Dese Kid are Good One, Dis Happen On Life")

You got dese womens, dey are being lesbian dat got kid. Dese are lesbian but 'aving relation normal, like dey got a bungalow, suburb. You got your minivans, you got your practice, soccer, you got your dinner. Dese kid don't got problem, nodt'ing, because their moder have made lesbian. Dese kid are two, you got your girl, you got boy.

Dese kid are good one. All kid dat age got dese t'ing growing up, dey wanna know 'ow dey figure out the life. This girl, she realize dese moders cannot be making dese kid by demself. Juliannes Moores is a good moder, she act very hippie wid dese guy, she tell dem dat dis guy t'row his sperm into a place where dey put a creme glacee and melt dis one later.

They got dose kid the same way Celine and Rene got Nelson and Eddy. Somedinglikedat.

Dis oder moder that they got, she t'ink she is being the man on dese guy. Dis one very demanding. Dis one personality not like Julianne. She could be very 'ard on kid, she tell dem dat they got to write t'anks note, dey got dese homeworks. All dese t'ing. Dis one and Julianne, when dey got a sex on each other, dey watch DVD like dey got in nightclub Parking. It is DVD for dese guy on gay lifestyle.

Weyon! They are watching these kinda DVD when ils sucent le chat. Sacrament ciboire! But dis girl make a way dat figure out who is this guy who freeze the sperm to make dem! Weyon tabarnak, fuck.

She find dis guy. Dis guy very different but he have make fader on them, so they got dese t'ing in common. Dis girl like dis guy. This guy a big opposite on saying you are making a t'ank you note tonight because I say you are doing dis one. Dis girl like dat guy.

These guy all take a big lunch togeder. Dey are five on dat dinner. Julianne like dis guy. This oder lesbian mad, fuck. She t'ink dis guy is not making a poutine like you should. But Julianne made a new business, dis guy say you can do that business, and Julianne start to do it. Dey are almost like dey are taking a beer togeder. While Julianne is dere at the bungalow this guy, they got a sex together and she want to do smoking!

Viarge tabarnak!

Dese kid find out dis happen, everybody find out. Dis guy have been assholes but it happen because he try to t'ink of different life, and dese parent all have dis happen do dem. Everbody got dat one when dey got forty, forty five. Somedinglikedat.

Annette Benning's is very upset on this one but dis is what happen in da life. The kid got mad but dey are okay. Dey look like they are not taking a wine or a poutine togeder for a while but den dey realize that dis is just the life and dey will eventually all got back to this place where dey can have a beer and a poutine.


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