Friday, February 25, 2011

French Canadian Film Reviews: The Social Network

This guy, he an expert on 'acking. In Arvards, this girl t'ink he is not good on the body language, so he write these softwares. This guy, 'acker, expert.
Dey got dese software already, udder guy say why dis software is a good one. You got your Friendsters you got your MySpaces, you got dese community, Geocity.
This is not a good one!
Dese guy say Aarvards people got that service because it is a good one. Arvards is the best one, Celine Dion would use this one. Dese guy are okay, sometime they are three or four taking a beer and sometime dey get a poutine.
Dese guy think that dis idea is the best one, but he take it and he make site web from dis one and don't tell dese other guy dat he is making this one.


Dese other guy go to 'ead of Arvards, dey say that this guy, he got thief on these guy. Dis 'ead say he don't care about dis one, dis guy is making 'acking very popular. Acking does is even get popular in Quebec province.
Dis guy afraid to do anyt'ing about what he got.
Den all dese guy are sue. In that movie dese are all having sue so many time that we see this one two time, fuck!
We see dat dese guy all are still taking a beer together but doing a lot of hour on dis site web. Justin Timberlakes impress dese guy so much! You got your caviar, you got your bottles, 1942, you got your appletini. Justin Timberlakes pays dem a lunch. Dis whole t'ing get so bigger that they are not all taking a beer together anymore.
All dese guy stop so much to have fight but first lawyer say that this guy got to pay dese other guy a lot of beer.
Dey are not having poutine together anymore.


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