Sunday, September 24, 2017

Disclaimer and Terms of Service for “Fake News”

Nothing stated in “Fake News” has been has been discovered, checked, researched, or verified in any way. All “facts” listed here are products of the author’s imagination, and the author is completely indifferent about whether or not these facts are a representation of reality.

If you’re too lazy to read about, or to question, the source of the data that you rely on, and you wind up quoting one of these facts for journalistic work or an academic publication, well, gee, sorry, I guess…

Especially if you live in a Western culture, every day you hear many thousands of cited “facts”, “figures”, and “statistics”. A great deal of the “information” you hear is an agenda-driven, semi-clever, mathematical and semantic marketing manipulation, an outright misstatement, or just pure unadulterated horseshit, as fresh and filthy as the day is long. Normally it’s intended to create a sense of dread, fascination, or urgency. Producing information as an entertainment commodity has become one of the highest-profiting industries in the history of our galaxy.

Don’t you think that, maybe once in a while, you ought to take a step back from it all, try to figure out who’s really saying what, and why? Maybe take a breath, calm down a little? Let the nature of the thing swirl around in your head for a while? Then think about who the stakeholders and who the advertisers are, and what they really care about? And who among them might be trying to sell you snake oil?

I know that at least some of you do.... I sometimes can't help but think the world might be a nicer place if more of us did.

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