Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fake News, #5

  • Prior to the wide-spread use of anesthesia, patients requiring amputation were given a tobacco enema until the resulting nicotine poisoning exhausted the patient’s entire neuromuscular system, making them still enough for the surgeon to perform the operation. 
  • Slenderman has been DJing at a rave club in Western Manitoba since 1983.
  • HTML 6.2, a web technology that will not allow a statement to be posted to the web or used in an e-mail unless it is true, is currently under development at the IANA in Switzerland.
  • The state of Minneapolis has more freshwater lakes than the entire country of Canada.
  • Howard Hughes, a skilled aviator who conducted secret intelligence missions for the United States, flew his last solo mission for several hours over London, England, wearing no clothing whatsoever. 
  • Jupiter’s moon Europa experiences over one hundred tsunamis each year.
  • Adolf Hitler’s likeness generates over three million dollars of licensing revenue every year.
  • Pink Flamingos get the color in their skin from crustaceans living in industrialized seawater.
  • Because of lackadaisical product labeling regulations in Minnesota, laundry detergent pods have become a health epidemic by exploding in children’s throats.
  • There are four breeds of poultry approved for the production of chicken wings in the United States, a breed each for small, medium, large, and extra-large chicken wings.
  • The netting of shellfish and the clubbing of baby seals and other maritime game is forbidden along Jerusalem’s Whaling Wall.

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