Monday, March 21, 2011

French Canadian Film Reviews: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Dese monkey are having a hard time to eat, fuck. Dey are picking strawberry but they spend time on worrying. Den dis t’ing, metal, come from the space. It impress dem calice de tabarnak!!!

Dese monkey are trying to make a dinner but are get fuck by cat. Dis metal remind dem that dey are ‘aving a super big lunch if dey got dose t’ing around dem as tool. You got your bone, you got your bat, baseball… (h)‘it pig you got a super big lunch, ostie.

Den dis bone go into the space. It go on voyage grand. This one take many year to finish, longer even than Celine going around the Eart’ and making a concert on dose Chinese. You got two guy who are on dat mission, dey are playing chess and jogging upside down.

You got this computer on that ship. He move all dese controls on this one. He cooks dese guy poutine, he is making machine work for dese guy ‘oo are almos dead on board dat ship. This computer and dese two other guy can give interview on the TV just like Celine and Nelson and Eddy. Dis computer got crazy by saying a part is fuck. This part is not fuck, dese guy tell him this part is not fuck, the computer jumeau at Eart’s also say the part should not be fuck.

These two guy in the space say dat this is not an obvious one dat dey got. They decided not to take a poutine or a beer with dis computer for a long time. Dey are going to fuck this computer brain for some time until dese guy who are boss on dat mission can look on it and find why it is fuck.

One of these guy decide to tes part that is fuck outside dis ship. The computer cut him, weyon! Eventually dat guy got dead, and eventually dat guy get back inside dis ship. Holy tabarnak....

This guy cut the computer from t’aught. This computer begin to make singing. Den dis guy is making anoder dimension. They are spending a big time showing the time he take to go into that dimension, fuck.

Then dis guy is ‘aving a full breakfast. He is taking a coffee, he got egg, he got bacon, he got toas, he got a juice. Den he see dis metal t’ing and decide he can look at Eart’ but from in the space looking at the Eart’.


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