Tuesday, March 15, 2011

French Canadian Film Reviews: Glengarry Glen Ross

Dis one is not an obvious one! Weyon.

Dese guy, they are making a sale on lands, but this is not a good land!

Dese guy are taking a beer togeder and a lunch chicken tao general at that bar, sometimes dey are taking a poutine with client dere. Dey all got office nex to dis one and dis car got dere, rouge. Dis is a very expensive one, this one impress dem all so much.

It rain so much on dat night dey t'ing dey should take a kayak! But dis guy tell dem dat dat company dat got dere business is make a new kind of revenue on that one. You can smell yourself Cadillac, you can get knife, steak, or you are going out into dat rain, fuck. If you are taking a coffee, it go down until dose guy buy this land dat you got.

Dis guy have not come to dat meeting because he is making a big bullshit on dis guy. He say, the life, this one is definitively someding dat you got, he try to make a big revenue wid dis guy. He say that if you got in a washroom making a shit for twelve hour it is like making a very intensive sex. He want to know from dis guy what kinna sex he got, his life and if this one is as good as this one he got now, Sacrament!

Dese other guy 'oo are were on dat meeting were dey make a big revenue, one from these guy say that dey make theif on dat lead. Dese lead are the best lead, dese one smells money, if you got dat one, you got one dat got Celine's number cellphone on dat weyon fuck bapteme simoaque chalice de tabarnak!!!

Somebody have make a thief on dat office, but nobody know 'oo dat one is. You got your lead, you got your contrac, you got your revenue. You got your phone, fuck.

Dey are all look for this guy, police want to talk to all dese guy but dey got to do a bullshit and dat will fuck dose guy. The boss of dose guy, he say you take dese one for today, but this guy who will get on top of dese knife, steak, he say he will not do this one! He will not do this one because it is a Patel one, dose one Patel one are going down, Tabarnak.

Dis guy is almost completing a bullshit with dis guy but police fuck on dat guy, weyon. This guy is not making a big revenue and say to boss he is better to make a job counting poutine. Not sell, fuck. But the way dey fuck him is because dis other guy say dat he know someding but he cannot know dis one unless he have make a thief of dese Celion Dion lead himself! He stole dem, we see dese money for dat one he sell on dat other guy who is making a good revenue.

This is not an abvious one! WHY YOU MAKE THAT!? What kinna film dat is?

All dese guy have been making a big curse and nobody like noding about dere job, fuck. WHY YOU MAKE THAT!? Oueste, Sacrament, Tabarnak.


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